International trade at a higher level

Commitment as a tuna specialist wholesaler

International trade at a higher level


International trade at a higher level

Our company launched “Maruya Kaisan Corp.” in Taipei, Taiwan in 2011.

We have been shipping tuna and other fresh seafood there twice every week.


<Distribution channel>

Komatsu Shouten(In-house track)→ Kansai International Airport → Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(In-house track) → Maruya kaisan(In-house track) → local customers


The strength is the lead time speed. In the early morning we receive the production directly sent from fisheries, mainly in Akashi city, Hyogo, and carefully pack them in the iced box one by one. Later they are carried to Kansai International Airport by a low-temperature refrigerated truck and loaded onto the plane. Every step will be completed by evening time the same day. The local staff at Maruya Kaisan immediately pick up the production that arrives at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport around midnight the following day. Then, they sort out the production according to client orders at Maruya Kaisan. Delivery can be made to customers in Taiwan by 7am as the earliest. It only takes about one day from receiving the order to delivery at customers’ location.


Since it is most important to keep product freshness, we are very careful of packing fish individually. We use a selected cold insulator, a cold storage bag, and paper towel so that it makes it possible to keep the freshness until it reaches the customer’s hand.


Since 2011, the amount of produce loaded on to a single flight has increased tenfold.


We value the voices of local clients, and aim to be a company increasingly loved by globally in the future.


We are fully equipped with our own flights between Komatsu Shouten→Kansai International Airport and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport→Maruya Kaisan, so it is our strength to be able to help those who are thinking of exporting to Taiwan.

The scenery where production is received from a fishery in Awaji island, Hyogo prefecture

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